Phil Atwill: The Stories Behind His Custom Helmets

Phil Atwill Propain Positive Custom Helmet Design

Photo credit: Monica Gasbichler - @mediamoni

Weldtite, the UK based cleaning, tubeless & lubrication partner of Propain Positive have worked closely with Phil to create two personalised, custom helmets.

The lids - both Bell Full 10’s - are titled "Descent", which he is already sporting on the world cup circuit, and "Flow State", which will be worn during filming of his Flow State 2.0 video project.

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Descent Custom Helmet

DESCENT by Weldtite - Designed by Kyle Cummings - Painted by Twisted_Licks_Custom

noun - An act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling.

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Descent Custom Helmet 02

World Cup downhill riders race against the clock, negotiating a succession of fast and technical passages to post the fastest time, taking significant risks in pursuit of glory. 

Paratroopers are members of specialist military infantry units who land in combat areas by parachuting from planes. They are defined by their professionalism, courage, and self-reliance.

Both descend rapidly to their destination, homing in on their target with precision.

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Descent Custom Helmet 03

Weldtite was founded in 1940, manufacturing puncture repair kits to accompany 70,000 airborne folding bikes for Allied forces during World War II. This helmet pays tribute to the history of Weldtite, and their partnership with Propain Positive, who bring an entertaining approach across every genre of riding.

The bronze mountains on the chin bar represent the locations in which Phil races his Propain Rage, from Lenzerheide to Mont-Sainte-Anne. The poppies on the back are a nod to the history of Weldtite – note the paratroopers and folded bikes which were easily the most challenging element to create and apply to the helmet.

Paratroopers Bicycle Weldtite Repair Kits

A WW2 soldier with an airborne folding bike. Image: The BSA & Military Bicycle Museum

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Custom Helmets

FLOW STATE by Weldtite - Designed by Kat Georgudis and Jon Gregory - Painted by Twisted_Licks_Custom

For athletes, flow is desirable but elusive.  A person is in a state of flow when they are totally immersed in a task.

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Flow State Custom Helmet

Phil Atwill finds his flow by being completely absorbed in riding, losing track of space and time. The original Flow State video launched in 2019. Flow State 2.0 is a story about flow and the consequential ups and downs of a pro MTB rider’s career. Filming takes place soon, and this is one of the helmets Phil will wear while shooting.

Weldtite Propain Positive Phil Atwill Flow State Custom Helmet 02

The design represents the core elements of Phil’s life in Athens. Check out the life-like statue which represents Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine and Festivity. Dionysus has the power to take the energy of nature and transform it into his very own playground - a flow state.

Also pictured is coffee - a vital part of any ride; Phil’s cat Biggie; a soul-centering yoga stretch, and other partners including Bell Helmets and NetPerfomance.


↓ Check out the original 2019 Flow State edit below, courtesy of Sleeper Co.