Weldtite Partner with Propain Positive UCI MTB Team

📢 Team announcement 📢 We've partnered with Propain Positive as bike cleaning and optimisation specialists!

In 2023 Propain Positive will be riding, racing and getting creative on two wheels across the globe. We are stoked to be supplying the team with our sustainable and industry leading bike optimisation products including Lemon and Lime Bike Cleaner, Rapid Ceramic Shield, our complete Tubeless Sealant range and much more.

Based in Athens, Greece but hailing from London, England; Phil Atwill is one of the most natural and skilled bike handlers on the circuit. He leads a team of young, talented and outrageous Greek MTB talents: George Panagopoulos, Soc Zotos and Marco Lamaris.

With a racing calendar that includes DH World Cups, Crankworx and the iXS Cup, we can expect to see Phil, George, Soc and Marco competing for podium places in the biggest downhill races, and living on the edge while they do so.

Propain Positive’s ethos is to do what makes them smile, having a rad time scouting out new spots, digging trails, riding with good friends and giving back to the MTB community. Weldtite’s unrivalled product quality and reliability enables the team to focus more what they love, making short work of any bike maintenance anywhere anytime.

And that’s not all. Keep an eye out for custom Bell Helmets x Weldtite as the season progresses. Designed by Weldtite and painted expertly by Twisted Licks Custom these lids will visually demonstrate Weldtite’s rich heritage & tell Phil’s story as he competes and rides across the globe.


Read more about the partnership at: PinkBike