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Deluxe Bike Care Kit

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The premium kit for keeping your pride and joy fresh! Clean with Weldtite Bike Cleaner, using the soft wash brush before pampering with Rapid Ceramic Shield for a maximum protection and a hydrophobic finish.

Weldtite Bike Cleaner is the choice of pro mechanics, sportive riders, commuters and mountain bikers all over the world. The ergonomic power trigger is easy to use and offers a range of sprays including ‘Fine Mist’ and ‘Power Spray’.

The ultimate bike care brush with soft and durable nylon bristles. The soft wash brush makes light work of bike cleaning (elbow grease required!) removing mud, dirt and grime easily without causing harm to the frame. The super soft bristles help trap the dirt during use & the rubberised body improves ease of use while eliminating the chance of scratching the frame. Recommended for cleaning bike frames, forks and tyres.

Rapid Ceramic Shield is engineered for hydrophobic protection in the harshest conditions. Unmatched protection and durability ensures water, mud, tree sap and oils slide straight off the frame, keeping you bike cleaner and protected for longer.

Rapid Ceramic Shield protects the frame by filling the nano imperfections in the lacquer or top layer creating a smooth, strong and durable hydrophobic coating.

1 x Bike Cleaner 1L
1 x Softwash Brush
1 x Rapid Ceramic Shield
1 x Premium Long Pile Cloth
1 x Premium Short Pile Cloth

Deluxe Bike Care KitDeluxe Bike Care KitDeluxe Bike Care KitDeluxe Bike Care KitDeluxe Bike Care Kit