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Wet Lube

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✔ Wet Lube provides reliable performance in the wettest conditions. 

✔ This ultra-durable bike lube coats the chain, protecting it from the elements to enable silky smooth gear changes. 

✔ Optimised for use during the colder months and ideal for off road riding. 

✔ Weldtite Wet Lube should only be applied after the chain has been thoroughly degreased. Doing so will prolong the life of the chain and will increase the efficiency and performance one the chain lube until the next application.

✔ For silky smooth gear changes - innovative friction reducing additives for effortless.

✔ Perfect for riders who require smooth and reliable riding over long distances.

✔ Unique ‘efficiency-increasing’ formula - unique formulation reduces the friction between the moving parts of your bike, resulting in pristine performance and hugely reduced wear and tear.

✔ Top in class & British made - high end Wear-resistant additives that are tested and bottled in the UK ensures you put only the best lubricants on your bike.

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